Thank you for your interest in contributing to Soledad!

Filing bug reports

Bug reports are very welcome. Please file them on the 0xacab issue tracker. Please include an extensive description of the error, the steps to reproduce it, the version of Soledad used and the provider used (if applicable).


All patches to Soledad should be submitted in the form of pull requests to the main Soledad repository. These pull requests should satisfy the following properties:

  • The pull request should focus on one particular improvement to Soledad. Create different pull requests for unrelated features or bugfixes.
  • Code should follow PEP 8, especially in the “do what code around you does” sense.
  • Pull requests that introduce code must test all new behavior they introduce as well as for previously untested or poorly tested behavior that they touch.
  • Pull requests are not allowed to break existing tests. We will consider pull requests that are breaking the CI as work in progress.
  • When introducing new functionality, please remember to write documentation.
  • Please sign all of your commits. If you are merging code from other contributors, you should sign their commits.


Pull requests must be reviewed before merging. The final responsibility for the reviewing of merged code lies with the person merging it. Exceptions to this rule are modifications to documentation, packaging, or tests when the need of agility of merging without review has little or no impact on the security and functionality of working code.

Getting help

If you need help you can reach us through one of the following means: